Changes for 2020

Orange striped reusable straw in clear cup lid

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Making Lifelong Improvements

Orange striped reusable straw in clear cup lid
  • What: Little changes to make a difference
  • When: 2020
  • Why: Small acts can add up
  • Where: Our home

Although I’m satisfied with my year in review for 2019, I feel I can always improve. As I use up more things, this list of changes I make should continue to reduce my environmental impact and save more money for the important things.

LUSH Solid massage bar in Tender Is the Night in open silver oval case

Solid Lotions: I love that I can get an awesome lotion without all the plastic packaging. LUSH, one of my favorite places whose products I have used for more than ten years, offers a variety of solid lotions and massage bars that come in simple paper bags. You can purchase a reusable tin for a container and use it each time you buy a new product.

Soap on chrome wire holder hanging from wall next to kitchen sink

Bar Soap: I love my liquid body washes and hand soap, but I have realized, much like some food products, that I pay for the water content. Instead, I can find bar soaps with safer ingredients that come without any packaging at LUSH. You can even get solid shower gel there. Even ones from any regular store often come in easy to recycle paper or cardboard boxes, instead of the thicker bottles with caps. I’ve switched my hand soap to solids in the bathroom and kitchen to reduce the fancy bottles and packaging. But if you can’t live without your liquids, you can also buy bigger bags of refill soap options instead of opting for brand new bottles each time you run low.

Merkur Futur 23C Long-Handled Double Edge Safet Razor on Amazon

Eco-friendly Razor: I switched from the irritating disposable razors marketed towards women to a  greener reusable razor. I chose a Merkur Futur Double Edge Safety Razor. This permanent razor will likely last me a lifetime, and I can replace the simple razor blade for a fraction of the cost and packaging of the disposable type.  

Telescopic Reusable Straw with Case Keychain and Cleaning Brush on Amazon

Fewer Straws: I switched to a water bottle of my own years ago. Now it’s time for me to stop using straws. While I still get one occasionally, I try to drink my beverages straight from the cup whenever possible. As an adult, I don’t really need a straw or even a lid to get a drink down my throat without spilling. If you can’t live without a straw, try a travel straw instead.

Orange cloth napkins from Crate and Barrel in wooden pig napkin stand on windowsill

Cloth napkins: I love my cloth napkins. And I want my kids to use them, too. I already do loads of laundry, and tossing napkins into the regular routine doesn’t add any discernible work, but saves tons of trees, not to mention packaging. And we never run out.

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