Solid Deodorants 

Myro deodorant next to LUSH Teo solid deodorant on glass shelf

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Tame Odor with Less Packaging

Myro deodorant next to LUSH Teo solid deodorant on glass shelf
  • What: Deodorants with less packaging
  • When: Before birth to college
  • Why: Less packaging, safer ingredients
  • Where: LUSH, Myro

If you want to try a natural deodorant, or even have started thinking about all the plastic packaging that ends up in landfills, but don’t know where to start, consider these possibilities.

Myro Deodorant in box flame case with solar flare scented pod
My Myro deodorant in its shipping box.

I grabbed a stick of Myro deodorant when I first saw the brand make a splash on shelves at my beloved Target. I loved the idea of buying the container once, and recyclable refill pods (and being able to switch scents) as needed. Of course, then Target stopped carrying the natural deodorant line right before I ran out of deodorant. Lucky for me, Myro offers a subscription service, so even though I couldn’t track down their products in any brick and mortar stores, I ordered from them directly. For $10, I got to choose my color case and scent of deodorant. I can have refills delivered whenever I need.

Myro deodorant refill pod box packaging
Myro offers a natural alternative.

Unfortunately, the brand proved so popular they had a two to three week delay in shipping. Since I had spent all of the last of my deodorant scouring multiple Targets for refills, I had to do something besides steal my husband’s traditional deodorant in the meantime. I did what I often do, and paid a visit to my local LUSH store. 

LUSH Teo solid deodorant bar
My LUSH Teo deodorant bar.

There I found their solid deodorant, which comes packaging free. Having read lots of reviews of various deodorants online, I was concerned that it wouldn’t keep up with my sweat production or that the white solid would leave a residue on my clothes. I can happily report that neither happened. You hold the purple waxy side to apply, and it goes on a bit rough but definitely does the job without staining clothes. And as an added benefit, it makes my bathroom smell delightful, as the unbottled scent wafts into the air.

Myro flame orange case open with Solar Flare refill pod next to it
With Myro, you replace the pod but keep the case.

Myro offers a much more typical deodorant feeling, with its case and insertable pods. If you hesitate to switch, it can be an easier transition. If you don’t like it, you can recycle the pod and the case, as well as all the packaging. If you want to go more hardcore and eliminate the packaging entirely, LUSH makes a solid choice.

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