Reusable Razor

Merkur Futur 23C Double Edge Safety Razor long handled men's shaving reusable

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Better Shaving With Less

Merkur Futur 23C Double Edge Safety Razor long handled men's shaving reusable
  • What: Merkur Futur 23C Double Edge Safety Razor
  • When: Lifetime use
  • Why: Durable, better shave, less packaging and plastic
  • Where: Amazon

As part of my quest to use less stuff more thoughtfully, I started thinking about disposable razors. When my last disposable razor quit doing the job, I realized there had to be a better option. I never loved choosing between the multitude of options available in the women’s shaving section of the store. Is one brand really better than the other? Do the fancy moisturizing strips make any difference, certainly if, like me, you use each razor in the multi pack more than one time? 

Merkur Futur 23C Double Edge Safety Razor on Amazon

I started researching my options, and quickly came to several conclusions. One, the shaving industry is big business, and what business wouldn’t want to sell more of the same product to the same customers over and over again? Two, the packaging required for each razor gets tossed in the landfill in most cases. Three, the manufacturing of so many extra razors to do the exact same job seemed silly at best.

I wasn’t the only female to realize the negative impact such a simple beauty routine caused. I didn’t have a desire to stop shaving completely, though during winter I do it less often. But I wanted a better alternative. I found men’s razors have lots of reusable options that don’t exist for women. 

Merkur Futur 23C Double Edge Safety Razor for men shaving reusable environmentally friendly less packaging plastic waste
I keep my razor on a shelf outside of the shower to prevent rust.

After reading up on the subject, I went with the Merkur Futur MK 23C Double Edge Safety Razor. It boasts a pleasant heft to it, and I don’t pay extra for all that stuff I don’t actually need, like comfort strips and moisturizer and contoured handles. Instead of buying a new razor every time mine gets dull, I simply replace the razor blade itself, for a fraction of the cost.

I worried that I might not get the hang of shaving with a “real” razor, but I had no trouble making the switch. I think it does a better job shaving everywhere I use it. I inserted the included razor blade without any problems or injuries, and after several weeks (keep in mind I don’t shave every day), I still haven’t had to replace it. The entire thing, from packaging to refill boxes of razor blades, contains zero plastic, and I still get a better shave for less money.

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