Cabbage Chemistry Acids and Bases Set

Have Fun with ScienceCabbage Chemistry Acids Bases pH set Yellow Scope STEM toys for girls science experiment

  • What: Cabbage Chemistry Acids and Bases Set
  • When: 7 to 12 years old
  • Why: Encourage kids to explore science
  • Where: Amazon

My daughter loves mixing ingredients and concocting her own creations, so when her friend gifted her this Cabbage Chemistry Acids and Bases Set, she couldn’t wait to get started.

The set comes with a 24 page notebook. The book has detailed instructions and suggestions for where to start exploring, and what household items to try. It also includes space for kids to write down their hypotheses and results. The illustrations feature bright colors and cartoon elements that make science more appealing. 

Cabbage Chemistry Acids Bases pH Set from Yellow Scope girls chemistry experiment notebook palette pipette pink safety goggles

This set comes with everything kids need to get started mixing household supplies.

The kit also comes with pink stemmed safety goggles, seven small measuring cups, a palette for mixing ingredients, two test tubes, a dropper pipette, test papers, and toothpicks – all the tools she will need to explore acids, bases, and pH. The book outlines 19 experiments girls and boys can try at home. My daughter loved the fizzy reactions she created, and mixing colors and smells. She has raided the food pantry and cleaning cabinets for more ingredients to test and mix.

Cabbage Chemistry Acids Bases pH STEM toy chemistry set for girls Yellow Scope palette with pipette filled with pale liquids

My daughter loves mixing anything she can find to test for reactions.

We put our set on a cookie sheet or cloth to contain any spills, but the materials include such small amounts that spills don’t make big messes. If you want to encourage your child to dabble in science or introduce your daughter to the joys of discovery, don’t hesitate to try out this science chemistry set made just for them.

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