Rain Boot Roundup

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Splash Without Soaking

Croc Bump It and Norty kids rain boots four pairs in a row on a wooden porch floor shark print, orange and blue, bright yellow, and blue unicorn print

  • What: Rain Boots
  • When: 18 months and up
  • Why: Keep feet dry without breaking the bank
  • Where: Amazon

Need a pair of shoes that can get soaked? Want to keep your kids’ feet dry? Or maybe you need a pair of shoes besides their beloved Crocs sandals that you can hose off without all the holes. No matter the reason, check out these popular rain boots to find the best one for your kid.

Crocs Kids Handle It rain boot in bright yellow seen from the side
Crocs Handle It Boot

Crocs Handle It Boots: Crocs made our very first pair of rain boots, because my son wore his Croc sandals year round, and I got tired of peeling wet socks off of him the other three seasons of the year. Four years later, he still prefers these boots nine months of the year. We’ve been through three pairs. The Handle It Boots work great for kids who need the extra grip while learning to get their boots on. But the handles don’t hold up as well as the rest of boots, at least when we had them years ago. The boots, however, last well beyond the handles’ life span and will continue to keep your kid dry no matter how much they drag their toes.

Crocs Bump It Rain Boots on Amazon

Crocs Bump It Boots: We switched to Crocs Bump It Rain Boots on Amazon after my son outgrew his old pair. Since the handles on our first pair started flapping around, I wanted a different style. We now own our third pair of these boots, which still come with a handy grip located at the back of the boot (instead of one on each side). My son wears them in snow, rain, mud, sunshine, and everything in between. He moves around constantly, and yet the boots haven’t worn out or let any water in. Plus the bright color makes him super easy to spot on the playground, and they slip on and off easily with no need for extra buckles or fastening, yet stay on securely enough they don’t come off during play. All the Crocs styles offer a stiffer material that lasts for multiple seasons.

Norty Rain boots for kids in orange print with bright blue trim and handles
Orange Norty Rain Boots

Norty Rain Boots: I’ve only recently discovered these rain boots while looking for a pair in my child’s favorite color. But boy have they delivered. We liked my youngest son’s pair so much we ordered a pair of the light up variety for my daughter as well. And at this price point, it doesn’t matter if you have to buy a new pair every season because they outgrew the last ones.

Sloggers Rain Boots red paisley print on wooden porch
Sloggers Women’s Rain Boots in red paisley print

Sloggers Rain Boots: And if you want to keep up with your kid’s wet and muddy adventures, look no further than this awesome brand of gardening boots and shoes. I’ve had my pair for longer than my kids, and they still work great, yet are comfortable enough to walk in for miles and stand in endlessly. They come in both tall boots, ankle boots, and shorter shoe styles that fit my wide toes and narrow back of the foot without sliding and rubbing blisters. Plus they offer a wide range of colors and patterns so you can be as stylish as your kid.

Cat & Jack kids rain boots Target pastel rainbow snail print on navy background
A pair of Cat & Jack brand rain boots.

Cat & Jack: We bought our first pair of Cat & Jack brand from Target this fall. Although my daughter doesn’t wear her boots anywhere near as often as my son and his Crocs, we had to buy another pair a few months later because the soles cracked and let in water. If you want more bang for your buck, grab a pair of Norty or Croc boots instead.

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