Car Seats for the Littles 

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Kids and Car Safety

Car Seats for the Littles Logo seatbelt clicking over black heart on yellow background
  • What: Car Seats for the Little
  • When: Pregnancy to teens
  • Why: Reliable source of car seat safety info
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Whether you need a car seat for your child for the first time, or your kid has outgrown their current seat and you want to upgrade to the next stage of vehicle safety restraints, Car Seats for the Littles can help. This non-profit organization maintains a reliable website that can answer all your car seat conundrums, from comparing car seats from different brands to which seats will fit in what vehicles.

Evenflo Evolve 3 in 1 booster car seat next to Britax Marathon convertible car seat in back third row of Mazda5
The Evenflo Evolve 3-in-1 combination booster seat next to a Britax Marathon convertible car seat in the third row of our Mazda5.

I recently used this site yet again while shopping for our daughter’s new booster seat. Even though we’d already been down that path with our firstborn, I wanted to know what new options had hit the market. I hoped to find a booster seat with similar safety ratings that didn’t weigh as much and cost less. 

From infant car seats to restraints for tweens (yes, even bigger kids benefit from a correctly-fitting safety belt), this site can answer all your questions. I love that their car seat reviews show photos of different sized and aged kids using the various car seats and boosters. As you probably already know from other posts, our kids have ridden rear-facing until almost four years old, and in some cases, longer. Our seven year old just outgrew her convertible car seat (prompting the new booster search), and my large five year old son still rides safely in his convertible car seat. My nine year old started using a seat belt with his booster seat at the end of last year, meaning even though with his taller height, he could still fit safely in his five point harness at nine years old.

No matter your priority, whether it requires fitting three car seats in the back seat of your current vehicle or finding a restraint that will keep both you and your child happy, Car Seats for the Littles has answers that will help.

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