Kid String Art

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Turn Thread Into Art Craft-tastic String Art Kits for Kids Pandacorn edition instruction manual

  • What: Craft-tastic String Art Kits
  • When: 7 years and up
  • Why: Fun, affordable, unique
  • Where: Amazon

Looking for a new type of art project for your child? Have you or your kid grown tired of coloring with markers and crayons? Whether you want a homemade gift to give or enjoy the process of creating, check out the results of these Craft-tastic String Art Kits.

Craft-tastic String Art Kit Pandacorn Edition on Amazon

These kits come with two projects. Ours included a panda sporting a rainbow unicorn horn, and a rainbow colored star. The box contains everything you need to complete both projects, including a canvas back board, pins, yarn, string, step by step instructions, and stickers for finishing touches. If your child can tie a simple knot, they can complete this project all on their own. Kids can finish it in one sitting, or easily leave it at any point and come back to it when ready.

Craft-tastic String Art Kit for kids pandacorn edition completed by seven year old girl
My daughter’s completed pandacorn art.

I particularly love the panda project, where no matter the path they use with the string, it turns out looking amazing. The star pattern requires a bit more precision to achieve the look on the box, as you need to wrap the string around four pins with each color in a certain pattern. But both would look great adorning the walls of any child’s room, and they also make wonderful and unique gifts for family and friends – if you and your child can bear to part with the final result. If you prefer other animals or decorations, you can get kits with unicorn, owl, bird, flamingo, peace sign, bunny, llama, desserts, and even space.

Craft-tastic String art kit for kids pandacorn edition in progress shown partly completed with scissors and instructions
The kids come with illustrated step by step instructions.

No matter which one you choose, your child will enjoy the satisfaction of creating their own masterpiece.

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