Crocs Bump It Rain Boots

Crocs Bump It Rain Boots in bright yellow with white toe and soleon wooden porch

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Comfortably Dry Happy Feet

Crocs Bump It Rain Boots in bright yellow with white toe and soleon wooden porch

  • What: Crocs Bump It Rain Boots
  • When: 18 months to 10 years
  • Why: Lightweight, durable, brightly colored
  • Where: Amazon

My eldest child refused to wear any shoes not made entirely of plastic. While that worked out great during the summer months, during the winter it didn’t bode as well. Lucky for me, Crocs makes kids’ boots.

Crocs Bump It Rain Boots on Amazon

We tried the Crocs Handle It Boots first. My child not only agreed to put them on with zero struggle, he loved them. He could put them on himself and wore them every single day. His enthusiasm took a toll on the handles located on each side of the boot, and one soon flapped in the wind. Luckily, that didn’t bother him in the least and he wore that pair until they couldn’t fit on his feet anymore. You can get a pair for toddlers starting at size 6, and they go all the way up to bigger kids size 3. 

Crocs Bump It Rain boots in blue shark pattern worn off in places
The pattern on my son’s Crocs Bump It Boots wore out long before the shoes did. We will pass these on his to his younger sibling.

With our next pair of rain wear, I upgraded to the Crocs Bump It Rain Boots. This style has a single handle on the back of the boots. Even though he’s currently wearing his third pair, we’ve never had a single issue. The handle stays attached, his feet stay dry, and he still loves them as much as the first ones.

Crocs Bump It Boots in bright yellow with white toes worn by nine year old on beach in gray sand
 My son wears his Bump It Boots everywhere.

These boots come in both solid colors and patterns. We’ve had both options, and while the pattern disappeared in places, the solid colors look great day after day and season after season. These shoes clean easily no matter where your kid has been. My son wears them every day for everything from sports to the beach to school and back. Despite all that use, they often last for more than one season, with a roomy footbed and rounded toe for extra comfort. The treads don’t slip like some other brands and these boots can handle some serious wear and still be passed down. 

If you want a solid pair of rain boots or even just a pair that your child will wear, grab a pair of Crocs Bump It Rain Boots and get to splashing.

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