Workbooks for Kids Stuck At Home

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Reinforce Skills Away from SchoolBrain Quest question deck Grade 3 ages 8-9, Kumon First Grade level reading workbook, and Explode the Code level 2

  • What: Workbooks for kids
  • When: Missing school
  • Why: Keep kids learning
  • Where: At home

Want to keep your kids’ skills fresh during an extended school absence? Whether your child misses school due to planned or unexpected circumstances, keep them learning with these helpful workbooks.

Grade 3 Reading Workbook from Kumon on Amazon

Kumon Workbooks: You can’t go wrong with any of the Kumon products. Their activity and work books cover almost any age, from when kids can first hold a pencil all the way through algebra. You can choose from pre-literacy skills, like colors, shapes, and more, to various reading and math-oriented workbooks. You can focus on specific skills, like multiplication, or go for a wider variety with multiple workbooks. Kumon makes writing workbooks as well, and each workbook comes tailored by grade level, making it easy to move smoothly between books as your child progresses. We’ve had multiple of their workbooks, and I’ve just ordered another stack to keep us busy.

Explode the Code Books 1-4 Set on Amazon

Explode the Code: We also love the Explode the Code books for phonetic learning. Kids can practice reading, writing, and other literacy skills in these workbooks. Each one includes a variety of different activities, such as matching the word with the picture, filling in missing letters, and even choosing from similar looking words. Kids will get lots of practice both recognizing and decoding sounds and letter combinations. We’ve been using these books for two years or more. They also come with material based on grade level, so you can choose the best level for your child. I’ve offered rewards for correctly completing a certain number of pages, but my kids like these books so much they don’t need much extra motivation. The variety helps keep them interested, and I like having a book of material they can use with minimal assistance from me.

Brain Quest Deck Grade 1 on Amazon

Brain Quest Decks: If you want more educational fun without the workbook format, grab a stack of Brain Quest Decks. Each deck features hundreds of questions and answers tailored to your child’s level of learning. They can review them repeatedly for extra practice in a variety of subjects. Each deck comes attached so kids can easily move from one card to the next, with multiple questions per card. They work great for traveling or keeping on hand for refreshing and revisiting skills.

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