Theme Ideas for Lesson Inspiration

Train puzzle box lid photo with engines tanker cars, caboose, station and more

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Get InspiredTrain puzzle box lid photo with engines tanker cars, caboose, station and more

  • What: Theme Ideas
  • When: Lessons at home
  • Why: Keep kids interested, tie work together
  • Where: At home

When you end up with no school and no preparation, it can be easy to get lost in the to do list. But if you can pick a theme, it can make other items easier. A theme doesn’t require a lot of effort, and almost anything will do. Once you have some inspiration, finding spelling words, math problems, or even project ideas feels much simpler.

Dinosaur dig with rock inside plaster with small hammer, kid sized safety googles, brush, and list of what was found inside
The dinosaur themed activity has kept my five year old busy for hours on end.

You can go with something your kids love, or look to the natural environment for a theme. Just about anything can work, from a broad idea to very specific details. If you still need some ideas to get the creative juices flowing, consider some of these for a starting point. 

  • Bugs
  • Camping
  • Olympics
  • Western
  • Airplanes
  • Pirates
  • Trains
  • Under the Sea
  • Bees
  • Mythology
  • Birds
  • Ice Age
  • Construction
  • Dinosaurs
  • Flowers
  • Fairy Tales
  • Weather

We are currently using a dual theme of mountains and photography. We can explore angles and photo composition for math, as well as photographers’ lives for writing and history. Mountains offer something concrete for both photos and comparisons. Projects include constructing mountains out of different materials, like sand, clay, and cardboard, drawing mountain scenes, and using maps of mountains and ski resorts to calculate elevations, distances, and more. 

Hamster photographer on mountain backdrop art project by seven year old girl
My seven year old made this art project of a hamster photographer in the mountains as part of our current theme.

Hope this helps anyone who needs to get their homeschooling groove on!

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