You Deserve A Big Congrats

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Give Yourself a HandBeer flight from dark to light in front of window with sun shining through four glasses

  • What: Kudos to you
  • When: Now
  • Why: For surviving big changes
  • Where: At home

Now is the time for a firm pat on the back!. No matter where you are or what challenges you’ve overcome, the past days have been unexpected. Even if you shelter at home, home school, still make your daily commute, or another alternative, each has its own challenges during this stressful time. Whatever you did or did not manage to do, look on the bright side. You made it through the week! While it might not be your desired schedule or set up, and you are probably still adjusting to this new normal, you have done more than you ever thought possible in such a short time.

Child's medallion made from construction paper on string
My child made this medal, and I think everyone deserves one after these weeks.

Parents have faced increased loads of food preparation, child care, laundry, dishes, and that’s without taking into consideration all the adults suddenly thrust into the room as educators (while still juggling all their other responsibilities), often for multiple children at different levels with minimal resources or support.

White Walker Johnny Walker whiskey bottle with two glasses partially filled
If ever there was a time for White Walker whiskey, this seems like it.

Whatever you’ve done, consider it a success and give yourself and all your partners a big pat on the back as well as heartfelt thanks. Better yet, choose your favorite treat. Even if no one offers you a medal, you can still have chocolate, beer, wine, or whatever makes you happy. This, too, shall pass.

Cadbury creme and chocolate creme eggs on counter
Have some of whatever makes you smile.

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