Fuse Beads for Pleasure

Fuse melty Perle beads on six pointed star pegboard

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Easy Bead Projects to While Away the Hours

Fuse melty Perle beads on six pointed star pegboard
  • What: Perle bead projects
  • When: 3 years to college
  • Why: Keep kids occupied while stuck at home
  • Where: At home

If you need an easy project that covers a wide age range of kids, yet will keep them all busy for more than five minutes without turning on any screens, make a solid investment in Perle beads also known as fuse beads.  

Perle beads on clear pegboard with kids' hands holding beads
Kids can make a wide variety of patterns and sizes.

These tiny melting beads can be arranged in an infinite number of patterns and designs. Kids can freehand their own inspirations, or follow any number of patterns. All you need is a supply of the plastic beads, a pegboard on which to place them, a paper to cover them during melting, and an iron. You can get peg boards in a variety of shapes and colors. We prefer the clear pegboards, and the bigger the better. The clear plastic allows you to see through the board if you place a pattern underneath. 

Child using tweezers to make Perle bead creation
Kids can use their fingers or a pair of tweezers to place the beads on a board.

This craft project makes a wonderful gift that can easily be mailed to grandparents or other extended family and friends far away. The beads, which come with a hole in the middle, can easily be strung to make ornaments for almost any holiday or occasion, or you can use a team’s colors to make souvenirs for big sports fans. Really, they offer endless possibilities. This bead project works great for multiple kids at one time, whether they work together or each create their own individual pieces. 

Kids at table working on fuse Perle melty bead projects
All of my kids love these tiny bead projects.

Best of all, you can have everything you need delivered to your door without the need to interact with any other humans. Kids can spend a lot of time sorting the multi-color beads if you need to use up even more time. We keep ours in snack size Ziploc bags, but almost any container with segments will work to keep supplies organized.

Why wait? Get your kids started today and see what they make next.


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