Crazy Critter Challenge

Squishables hedgehog stuffed animal looking out window of house

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Craft Some Stuffed Fun

Squishables hedgehog stuffed animal looking out window of house
  • What: Crazy Critter Challenge
  • When: Stuck at home
  • Why: Keep kids entertained
  • Where: Your home

If you haven’t already heard of the Crazy Critter Challenge, think about joining this fun project for kids and adults alike. You choose a visible window to display stuffed animals. Then you can dress them, add props, and even include signs.

Crazy critter challenge stuffed animals in house window scavenger hunt unicorn meerkat and hedgehog
We change our sign and critter outfits periodically.

The beauty of the project is it works both for your kids and for others, all without any contact required. Kids on a walk look to see how many critters they can spot. Since you can change your critters each day (or more often), it works great to keep kids interested and observant while getting out of the house in a way that doesn’t spread germs. 

Meerkat stuffed animal in pink polka dot dress with pink fuzzy slippers
You can go traditional, or add more elements like hats, jewelry, scarves, and props.

Kids can practice art skills, writing messages, and setting up props, all while considering an extended audience. While the appeal may wear off, you can up the ante by adding more extravagant accessories or new art materials, and of course seeing other critters works like magic to inspire my kids to new heights.

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