Rainbow Scavenger Hunts

Child's red watering can from IKEA and red bucket sitting in yard

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Collect All the Colors

Child's red watering can from IKEA and red bucket sitting in yard
  • What: Rainbow scavenger hunt
  • When: Toddlers to 12 years 
  • Why: Get kids out of the house
  • Where: At home

If Crazy Critter searches wear thin, but you still want to get the kids outside the house, try a rainbow scavenger hunt. You don’t need any extra materials to make this event happen. And, in a pinch, you can play inside, too.

Yellow fire hydrant in the grass
A yellow fire hydrant makes this one easy to locate.

If your kids know their colors, they can play this game. The rules are simple: find one thing in each color of the rainbow. Red can be anything from a stop sign to a flower to chimney. Kids can work together or compete to see who can find all the colors of the rainbow first. For more fun, they can take pictures of each item and assemble them later at home, or recreate each item with drawings for a fun rainbow inspired collection of art. Or you can try and find all the colors in the same type of item, whether it’s a stuffed animal, street signs, or flowers.

Brick Tudor house with blue window and garage door trim
Shades of blue can be tricker, but you’d be surprised where you might find it, like on this window trim.

No matter what spin you want to add, from writing the names of each item to simply enjoying the hunt, it works great to get kids out of the house and paying attention to their surroundings.

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