Gardening Projects for Kids

Dig a Little DeeperMy Fairy Garden Unicorn Paradise child's gardening set kit fairy house tiny garden tools

  • What: Gardening projects for kids
  • When: Toddler to teens
  • Why: Get dirty, have fun
  • Where: At home

Kids love to play in the dirt, so springtime works great for getting them involved in the garden. If you plant seeds or start plants in the spring, why not let your child pitch in to help? 

Seeds sprouted in connected containers

Our kids each got to choose and plant three types of seeds this spring.

Planting seeds: Even the youngest kid can help push seeds into the dirt. Kids of almost any age also love to shovel, so they can cover the seeds as well. If you don’t have any outdoor space, consider some indoor ideas, like pet grass, house plants, or flowers that never need to be transferred from a pot.

My Fairy Garden Unicorn Paradise child's gardening set with seeds tools and figurines

My daughter’s fairy garden set.

Fairy Garden: If you want to get fancier, look no further than a fairy garden. You can create your own out of found materials, like rocks and moss. Paint a few rocks and turn an empty pot upside down to make a home. Or buy a set, complete with a house, tiny tools, and figurines, like this one from My Fairy Garden.

Toysmith kids small gardening tools set with blue watering can, green shovel, blue trowel, red rake, and yellow gloves

The gardening set we got for our youngest child includes three tools, a watering can, and a pair of gloves.

Kids Gardening Set: If you want a pint-sized set of tools to get your tot inspired, this set works great for little hands. It includes three tools for moving dirt around, as well as a watering can and even a tiny pair of gloves. We’ve had this set for years and it still looks great, despite many gardening sessions.

Pansy flower plant planted by child in dirt yard

One of the flowers my children planted.

Gardening with Kids: If you want more suggestions on ideas for kids in your garden, check out these plant specific ideas, including easy care plants for beginners and more info on starting seeds.


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