Screen Free Entertainment

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Entertaining Without ElectricityMelissa and Doug Water Wow Deluxe Around town activity book Imagine Ink Paw Patrol activity book and Brain Quest Deck ages 8-9 Grade 3 in box

  • What: Screen Free Entertainment
  • When: 18 months to 11 years 
  • Why: Keep kids quiet without relying on screen
  • Where: At home

If your kids get an abundance of screen time, and you want to change things up a bit while still keeping them entertained, try one of these ideas.

Imagine Ink activity book mess free games puzzles mazes and more including marker

Imagine Ink: Imagine ink activity books come with a marker, which makes the color appear when used on the pages. Each book offers coloring, puzzles, mazes, and more. These books come in a wide variety of themes, and best of all, once the marker dries, kids can do the pages all over again.

Water Wow! Jungle themed water reveal pad activity book

Water Wow: Much like the disappearing ink, Water Wow can be used over and over again. You fill a pen with water. Then kids can paint the thick pages to watch the colors appear. The deluxe books offer extra pages and some hidden objects to locate to extend the fun.

Brain Quest Deck cards Grade 1 ages 6 and 7 years blue cover

Brain Quest Decks: Each deck comes chock full of questions for inquiring little minds. Kids can flip through the decks, with multiple questions per card. The answers can be found on the back, so they can guess and then check to see if they got it right. These learning tools come at many different levels to suit kids wherever they are in their education. And you might learn a thing or two, as well.


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