Solid Shovels

Spielstabil small sand scoop and short handled classic spade shovel in bright blue laying in dirt

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Keep ‘Em Digging

Spielstabil small sand scoop and short handled classic spade shovel in bright blue laying in dirt

  • What: Solid shovels
  • When: Toddler to elementary school
  • Why: Durable, affordable, useful
  • When: Digging in the dirt

If you get sick of buying a new shovel for your child every time they try to dig or plant, keep an eye out for one of these shovels guaranteed to last more than a season.

Spielstabil Small Sand Scoop on Amazon

If you want a solid plastic shovel made for just about any conditions, look no further than Speilstabil’s selection of shovels. We’ve had our blue shovels for years and years, and they still look and work like a charm. My kids can dig in the sand, unearth rocks, plant seeds, and much more without any cracking or breaking. 

Spielstabil Short Handled Classic Spade on Amazon

The short handle and bright colors make the small sand scoop perfect as a first shovel, though it will last well beyond the toddler years. Once they graduate to wanting to move more dirt, try a short handled spade. The longer handle gives it more reach for kids who primarily use their shovels while standing instead of kneeling or sitting. And once they grow beyond that span, you can’t go wrong with a heavy duty beach shovel. This workhorse can handle almost anything kids can think up. They can lift rocks and chunks of cement without bending the sturdy plastic handle.

Spielstabil Heavy Duty Beach Shovel on Amazon

No matter which size you choose, all the edges come rounded for safety, and the plastic holds up to not only kid play but also extreme changes in temperature, from being left in cars during summer’s heat to languishing under the snow outside in winter. Give your child the power to handle anything that strikes them with one of these durable picks.

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