Easter Reflections

Hop To Easter FunPlastic green and yellow color sorted Easter eggs open emptied on ground

  • What: Easter Reflections
  • When: Celebrating the holiday
  • Why: Keeping up with traditions
  • Where: At home

Easter snuck up on us this year, perhaps because we haven’t really left the house in weeks. We notice the seasons changing even when stuck inside, but find it harder to keep up with the day and date.

Girl with pink and purple plastic Easter eggs sorted by color to hunt

We assigned each kid two colors of eggs to find.

I still love and highly recommend sorting eggs by color for each kid to find. I wish we had discovered this trick sooner. It not only means we can hide eggs appropriate to each child’s skill level in finding things, but also that we can sort the goodies inside the eggs to avoid allergies or cater to each child’s likes and dislikes. (I have one child who adores Starburst candy and another who can’t stand it.) 

Easter baskets with stuffed Peeps on table

Easter baskets included lots of hands-on activities.

We did our own Easter egg hunt this year, as well as our traditional Easter baskets. We had no events to attend outside the house, so as an added bonus our kids even slept in on Easter, which hasn’t happened since they were babies. We went heavier on the kid activities, too, than we might have in a normal year.  Baskets included activity books and lots of scratch art. On the downside, my husband did all the egg hiding this year (I was too concerned about pests like ants or rats eating the candy inside the eggs to hide overnight), so we still have five eggs tucked away somewhere no one can find them. I guess that means the Easter fun will last even longer, huh?

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