Boogie Board Spelling

Boogie drawing board with second grade spelling words written twice on it by seven year old

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Make Practice Fun

Boogie drawing board with second grade spelling words written twice on it by seven year old
  • What: Boogie Boards for spelling practice
  • When: Unable to attend school
  • Why: Get more practice with less paper
  • Where: At home

If you have to homeschool during these trying times, and you get sick of handing your child a sheet of paper each day to practice spelling words or take spelling quizzes, think outside the tree. Try using a boogie drawing board instead.

Seven year old girl practicing spelling words on Boogie drawing board at table
My kids will happily write on their Boogie boards.

Boogie boards make great tools for writing practice. Whether spelling words that need to be written over and over again, or practicing letter formation, the translucent board lets kids see through the material to trace patterns, make pictures, or practice spelling and writing. They can write, then erase with the touch of a button. You use less paper, they get more fun for repetitive tasks, and everyone wins.

Nine year old boy drawing on boogie board at table
I get zero complaints when we use Boogie Boards to complete writing tasks or entertain kids as siblings finish up assignments.

If you want to get more use out of your Boogie board during non-school time, look no further than one of the Boogie Board Accessory Packs. I also like to let my kids doodle after they finish writing their spelling words. It keeps them quietly occupied until their siblings finish their work. We’ve also used our boards to trace objects in books and magazines as part of school assignments. All these exercises mean we use less paper and get more out of the tools we already own.

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