Green Ideas for Parents

Earth Friendly Meets EasyBananas, oranges, LUSH purple solid shampoo, reusable razor, envirosax reusable bags on counter

  • What: Environmentally friendly ideas
  • When: Birth to college and beyond
  • Why: Make eco conscious choices
  • Where: At home

Want to celebrate 50 years of Earth Day with your kids? Channel your inner environmentalist and try out one or more of these green ideas this week, or any day of the year.

Make Your Own Baby Food: Even if you only make one or two items for your little one, your child will enjoy the freshest ingredients, you get the satisfaction of knowing exactly what went into their bodies for nourishment, and it involves zero packaging. Not sure where to start? Grab a copy of Super Baby Food and see what appeals to you and your little one. 

Bummis Super Whisper Wrap diaper cover shown fastened without a baby in it in big city print

Cloth Diapers: Want to put less non-biodegradable trash into landfills? Each cloth diaper helps eliminate waste from landfills. You don’t have to commit to every single diaper change, or even more than a few weeks.  Want more info on cloth diaper options? Check out our cloth diaper breakdownor top recommendations for both inserts and covers

Bananas and oranges on counter

Fresh Foods: With older kids, you can keep them well fed with even less work. Grab their favorite fresh foods, from fruits and veggies, to bulk foods like nuts and snack mixes, to keep them fed without all the extra plastic packaging. Need ideas for easy snacks on the go? Try this apple slicing trick or mix some leftovers into a new look with a smoothie.

Envirosax resuable bags sling bag and regular style rolled up side by side

Reusable Bags: Instead of using and disposing of a bag every time you go to the store, or out with your kids, grab one of these packable sacks. You can choose from a wide variety of patterns and several styles, like a sling bag, to suit your needs, from lugging home groceries to hauling sand toys to and from the park or beach.

LUSH purple solid shampoo in reusable tin with Merkor reusable razor

Solid Body Care: For yourself, bring home less plastic by buying solid body care products. Solid shampoos work great for traveling, at home, or the gym or community center. And solid lotions won’t ever leak and make a mess of your bag. A reusable razor wastes much less plastic and packaging over its lifetime than replacing razors regularly. And now, with Myro, you can even order deodorants committed to less packaging and more recyclable materials to be delivered to your door.

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