SuperGoop! Everyday Lotion

Safe Sun Protection That Looks and Feels GoodSupergoop! Everyday Play 50 SPF face moisturizer sunscreen lotion sun protection white bottle blue letters yellow cap

  • What: SuperGoop! Everyday Play 50 SPF Lotion
  • When: 6 months and up
  • Why: Safe, effective, fast absorbing sun protection
  • Where: Amazon or Supergoop!

With sunny days around the corner and sandals on our feet, I’ve started thinking about daily sun protection. I have recently discovered Supergoop! Everyday Play Lotion.

Supergoop! Everyday Play SPF 50 Lotion on Amazon

I love this lightweight moisturizer, which I apply every morning. With 50 SPF, it means I don’t spend time fretting when I forget to apply sunscreen while rushing out the door after my kids. Better yet, it earns a good safety rating from my beloved Environmental Working Group’s Healthy Living App. I don’t like much in the way of fragrance in my skincare products, but find this lightly scented lotion both subtle and pleasing. I prefer my daily moisturizer to boast a high SPF rating, but it can be tricky to find anything above 15 that moisturizes and protects from the sun.

Supergoop! Everyday Play 50 SPF Lotion ingredients list back of container tube

I feel good about what is – and isn’t – in this safer sunscreen.

While the price point exceeds what I’d normally pay, I went for the bigger bottle, even though I hadn’t tried it before. I’m extremely glad I did, as I fully expect this 5.5 oz (162 mL) bottle to last me throughout the summer months and into fall. You can also buy a larger size, or a smaller bottle to sample or to take with you on the go. 

The water and sweat resistant formula means no matter when or where you choose to use it, you can enjoy knowing SuperGoop!’s got you covered no matter your activity. I love that it absorbs quickly and doesn’t leave behind any white residue, unlike some of my favorite sunscreens.

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