Stop Motion Movies Made by Kids

Stop Motion Studio Logo White film camera outline on light blue circular background

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Capture the Moment in Motion

Stop Motion Studio Logo White film camera outline on light blue circular background
  • What: Stop Motion Studio 
  • When: 4 years and up
  • Why: Keep kids entertained, learn new skills
  • Where: Amazon, App Store

Looking to keep your kids entertained at home without breaking the bank, spending a lot of money, or acquiring a lot of new stuff? Have you considered letting them make their own stop motion movie?

Stop Motion Studio App on Amazon

Thanks to Stop Motion Studio, you can download an app that will turn their photos into a motion picture. Teach them how to move figures in tiny increments to create the illusion of motion. If they want to go all out, they can create scenery and backdrops from cardboard, paper, clay, or other recycled materials. 

This project works well from ages four on up. My kids discovered it last week, and spent a large part of the weekend either building props or taking photos, then reviewing their work. On the downside, they need an electronic device capable of downloading the app and taking photos (so your old digital camera won’t do the job). On the plus side, you can put your old smartphone to good use, and they can then quickly, easily, and safely share the results with friends and family for even more fun and encouragement.

We use the free version of the app, though you can upgrade to the Pro version for around $5, or add on specific capabilities like sound or paint individually. My kids used their Lego creations to film. I am shocked at not only how well it turned out, but how much time and effort my three kids put into it. You could easily do a similar project with wooden trains, dolls, tiny vehicles, Play-Doh, or any other toys they love. No matter the subject, with the help of Stop Motion Studio and some equipment, kids can bring new life to what they love.

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