Virtual Playdate Ideas

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Shared Online Activities for KidsKid crayon art drawing on paper

  • What: Virtual Playdate Ideas
  • When: 4 years and up
  • Why: Keep kids connected from a distance
  • Where: At home

Do you need more ideas for your kids to connect with their friends online? Tired of the same online games and having kids watch videos together? If you want to take your virtual playdates up a level, try one of these ideas.

Child using tweezers to make Perle bead creation

Fuse Beads: Kids can work on fuse beads while chatting. My daughter and her best friend made melting bead creations of each other and their pets, then mailed them to each other. This idea works great for family members and faraway friends as well as gift giving occasions when shopping is limited.

Best of Mad Libs 50 years of stories with write in blanks for kids

Mad Libs: For older kids who can read and write, have one kid supply the words and the other fill in the blanks. Kids can use the pre-made sheets or make up their own, and get lots of joy and hilarity out of the results.

Battleship Game naval combat game box from Amazon

Battleship: This classic game works great from a distance, as the players aren’t meant to see each other’s boards until the end. You don’t even both need the same version as long as the board and ship sizes remain consistent. Kids take turns trying to sink their opponents ships.

Caterpillar and butterfly made from egg cartons kid art project

Art Projects: Kids can work on similar art projects, from coloring to string art. Flat final pieces, like paintings or drawings, work well to mail back and forth as well, for an extra bit of interaction at a distance.


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