Best of April 2020

Mystical Animals, Mystery Game, and Mini VehiclesClue Junior board game for kids Fairy Queen card game for kids and Driven Pocket series little garbage truck and cement mixer on road pieces

  • What: Most popular posts
  • When: April 2020
  • Why: See what other people read
  • Where: At home

The most popular posts from the month of April might look familiar to anyone who’s been reading recently. It seems the best of March remains intriguing during April, as all three of the top contenders stayed in the top three rankings, despite some slight changes in the exact order.

Fairy Queen card game for kids box with sliding tray, nature inspired cards, fairy cards and instructions

Fairy Queen Card Game: If you haven’t seen this card game, you can use the cards to play two different games. The simplest version involves a memory game, with all cards turned face down and players taking turns trying to find matches. Alternatively, players can deal out all the cards, and take turns drawing cards from the next player and laying down any matches. Once all cards have been matched, the person with the most points wins, with the elusive single Fairy Queen worth ten points.

Clue Junior The Case of the Missing Cake kids board game

Clue Junior: This board game made just for kids takes the classic Clue mystery concept to a different level. Kids take turns moving the various brightly colored players around the board. They collect hints to solve the puzzle of who ate the cake at what time and with which drink. The first one to figure out the answer wins.

Driven pocket series little cars cement mixer and garbage truck with tiny road signs on connecting road pieces

Driven Pocket Series: These teeny trucks have made the most popular list many months, and with good reason. The super affordable blind boxes can be enjoyed on their own, as they come with connecting street pieces, tiny trucks, and even little road signs. But the more you buy, the more you can connect, or you can get an entire set to jump start your collection.

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