Easy Hair Clip Storage

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Stylish Solutionschild's hair clip barrettes hanging stored on sheer pink ribbon

  • What: Easy hair clip storage
  • When: 12 months and up
  • Why: Keep hair accessories organized and accessible
  • Where: At home

Now that you’re stuck at home, even the little things can drive you bonkers. If you get sick of your kid’s hair accessories cluttering up the bathroom counter, and appearing like magic on every surface throughout your home, try this easy solution for taming the mess that tames their hair.

Child's colorful barrette hair clips hung on sheer pink ribbon
My daughter’s hair barrettes stay sorted on a piece of ribbon.

Take an extra length of ribbon and hang it over a hook. Add barrettes, hair clips, and anything else that attaches onto the ribbon. Be sure to hang it where little hands can reach if you want them to retrieve and return their own hair clips. I like to keep ours hung in the bathroom where we do most of our hair styling. But if you always want a clip on the way out the door, the ribbon takes up hardly any room and keeps hair clips off the floor and out of drawers. My daughter loves looking at her hair accessories on the ribbon almost as much as she likes wearing them, since she can see them stored. It also works as a great visual reminder to both use what they have and return clips at the end of the day.

Command reusable hook on wall holding hanging pink ribbon
A simple removable hook holds the ribbon on the wall.

If you’ve become overrun with hair stuff, try this simple trick to see if your kids can handle their own styling.

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