All the Wisdom From Baby Sideburns

Laugh Your Way Through ParenthoodBabysideburns blog logo Karen Alpert

  • What: Ideas for Staying Home
  • When: Stuck in quarantine
  • Why: Keep your sanity and your kids 
  • Where: At home

In case you missed it over at BabySideburns, and months later you still need some extra inspiration for getting through the long days without another “essential” trip to the grocery store, or your fourth “walk” of the day, check out these awesome ideas from a fellow mom and survivor.

Babysideburns blog logo Karen Alpert


If you’ve never heard of BabySideburns, it’s my go-to guide for practical, funny parenting tips and advice. From pets to travel there’s no better place to go than the tell-it-like-it-is blog from Karen Alpert, in between slugs of chocolate syrup of course.


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