Lego Binder Again

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Keep Instruction Manuals HandyLego instruction manuals inside page protectors in three ring binder

  • What: Lego Binder
  • When: Two years and up
  • Why: Keep track of Lego instructions
  • Where: Amazon or any office supply store

I know I’ve said it before, but I want to say it again. Do you or your child find yourself buried under a pile of Lego manuals? Do the thin pages fall off after only a few weeks? If you find yourself hunting for the building instructions that come with each set, consider collecting them all into one three-ring binder.

Avery 2 Inch Binder on Amazon

We started keeping our Lego manuals in one spot once our collection of Legos exceeded our ability to keep all our sets in boxes or bags. While we had no trouble keeping the bricks themselves sorted (both the Duplo and regular sizes), we couldn’t keep track of the instructions. The books refused to stand up on shelves, and the slick pages caused any piles higher than a few to slide around. We even tried tossing them in a drawer for a while, but the pages ended up ripped and torn, making it difficult to tell one from the next.

Samsill Page Protectors with Reinforced Holes on Amazon

Enter the magic of the three ring binder. Add a few page protectors, and you’re all set. Simply slide the manual inside the clear plastic protector and clip it into the binder. If your binder ends up like ours, with all the smaller manuals bulging at the bottom, divided page protectors work wonders. I’ve found the photo type works well for the smallest books.

Lego instruction manual books haphazard on floor
If your Lego instruction booklets look like this, you need a three ring binder.

I find a two inch binder perfect for these tasks. I like the extra storage offered by three inch binders, but it turns out, after you add manuals to fill the binder, it becomes too heavy to manage easily. Instead of one binder with everything, we now have one binder per child. This sorting also helps when they start arguing over who owns what, as we can easily flip through to find who got what set.

Lego Classic instruction manuals inside photo page protectors of three ring binders
Little booklets fit nicely into page protectors made for photos.

No matter how many Lego sets your child collects, a binder (or two or three) will keep the manuals in good condition and make sure you can find what you need when you need it. This approach also works great for just about any instruction manual, from cribs to toys, if you also like to save those types of things.

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