Magna-Tiles Meet Playmobil

Playmobil Country hay bale conveyor belt emptying into Magna-Tile creation

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Combine and Create

Playmobil Country hay bale conveyor belt emptying into Magna-Tile creation
  • What: Magna-Tiles Plus Playmobil
  • When: Two years and up
  • Why: Combine toy types for more fun
  • Where: At home

Need to get more out of toys your kids already own? Try combining items to extend their mileage. 

Magna-Tiles scattered on hardwood floor including magnet car and glow in the dark tiles
My kids can never have too many Magna-Tiles.

Not only do my kids still play (and fight!) over their Magna-Tiles every day at ages nine, seven, and five, but they love to combine these versatile building shapes with other toys we own. Recently they built a farm from the Magna-Tiles, then added elements like a conveyor belt for hay bales from Playmobil.

Playmobil country hay bale conveyor belt dropping food into Magna-Tile building
My son loading food onto the Playmobil hay bale conveyor belt to drop into their Magna-Tile creation.

Then they took it one step further, and turned the farm building into a maze for our pet hamster, complete with treats being dropped in by the hay baler. We spent zero dollars buying anything new, and they stayed busy for hours over the course of several days, expanding on their ideas and adding more intricate features.

Plastic T-Rex dinosaur with rubber ducky sitting on Magna-Tile block creation
You can add just about anything to Magna-Tiles creations to extend the fun.

If you’d like to keep your kids occupied, you can try picking their brains for ideas or making some subtle suggestions and letting them choose from several different combinations. We have a kid obsessed with farms, so we have tons of farm toys from all different brands, from Lego to Playmobil and more. Putting all these together makes for a massive project with big payoffs. 

Magna-Tiles stadium with stands built by nine year old with Duplo crowd stadium seating on opposite side
When they ran out of Magna-Tiles, they used Duplos to build the remaining stadium seating on the opposite side of the field.

If your kid loves wooden trains, try building some tunnels, platforms, or other train type features to expand their railway world.  For the kids who like unicorns, make fences, pastures, and houses for these fairy creatures. Our sports-loving child built a stadium for figures to compete. When he ran out of Magna-Tiles, he added Duplo Legos as well. No matter what your kids love, you can find a way to incorporate several toys into one big set ready and waiting for their imaginations to bring it to life.

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