Bathroom Tray Organizer

Kids' toothbrushes, toothpaste, flosser, timer, and mouthwash crowded together close up

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Contain Their ToothBrushes

Kids' toothbrushes, toothpaste, flosser, timer, and mouthwash crowded together close up

  • What: Bathroom Tray
  • When: Two years and up
  • Why: Repurpose old things
  • Where: At home

I’ve shared a bathroom with my offspring for almost ten years now. While few things bother me, and I sometimes find delightful (if slightly disturbing) surprises, I’ve grown tired of one thing: their toothbrush mess. 

Tom's of Maine kids' strawberry toothpaste with flosser and timer and toothbrushes on toddler divided plate
My kids leave behind a sticky mess wherever they put their toothbrushes and toothpaste.

My kids don’t believe in toothbrush holders. While it’s not entirely their fault, as the suction cups on the bottom won’t fit in many toothbrush holders, and their light up lightsaber toothbrushes can tip over even the sturdiest kid cup, they still can’t manage to store them properly. They also don’t believe in using a small amount of toothpaste, or putting the cap back on the tube, as they will just have to remove it again in roughly twelve hours. 

Kids' toothbrushes, mouthwash, timers, cup, and vitamins corralled on toddler divided section plate as seen from above
A tray keeps their toothbrushing supplies more orderly.

Even if you don’t share a bathroom with your kids, you might also hate encountering that sticky residue that toothbrushes and toothpaste tubes leave behind them. It sure puts a dent in my day when I discover brightly colored sticky stuff on my sleeve or arm or in worse places. 

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I finally wised up and went with a system they will actually use, and that can handle all their dental accessories, from brushes to flossers to mouthwash. Now, they have a tray to store all their stuff. Instead of dripping onto the counters, where wiping it is an exercise in futility as it magically reappears twice a day times three kids, the yuck goes onto the tray. I find a tray much easier to remove, or substitute with another one during cleaning.

Kids toothbrushes and other dental accessories stored on toddler divided plate
My kids know where to find their toothbrushes and everything else they need tot take care of their teeth. And they know where to put their stuff away.

As an added bonus, a tooth care organizer makes an excellent reuse for our old sectioned plates. If you get one with a circular cup holder, it fits a wide variety of toothbrush holders perfectly. (There’s no harm in encouraging them to use the actual thing, right?) The other sections easily hold bottles of mouthwash, tubes of toothpaste, flossers, timers, and an array of toothbrushes either standing up or laying on their sides. The wide base of the plate keeps suction toothbrushes from tipping unintentionally, and I can toss the entire thing in the dishwasher anytime it gets out of hand. Plus, the size keeps the ooze contained to a reasonable amount of the counter space, which is a godsend, as I don’t fancy setting my glasses or anything else into little sticky spills.

Get your kids on board with the idea of keeping spaces they use clean by making it easy to tell where their stuff should go. And give that divided plastic toddler plate new life as an organizer, and you will all walk away happy without anything sticky attached.

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