Playmobil Pool

Make a Splash Without the MessPlaymobil City Life Pool with Terrace set up and filled with water with turtle float and umbrella

  • What: Playmobil Swimming Pool
  • When: 3 to 10 years old
  • Why: Durable and fun
  • Where: Amazon

Feel like summer but can’t get into the pool quite yet? Invest in a pool for your kids that works like a charm with zero maintenance. Regardless of the climate where you live, the Playmobil Swimming Pool offers all the fun in a miniature size, and kids can enjoy it year round.

This pool holds real water, which you can fill anytime the kids want to splash around in the water. We’ve had our Playmobil City Life Pool with Terrace for long enough that a newer version exists. The newer swimming pool, much like ours, comes with one grown up and two kid figures, along with a lounge chair, a float, and a pair of flippers. It also includes a working shower to rinse off before or after the pool. An octopus toy squirts real water for extra fun and surprise.

Playmobil City Life Pool with Terrace set up with turtle float yellow umbrella and red lounger and chair poolside deck

We’ve used our Playmobil pool for so many years a newer version exists.

If you want to use this toy inside, I recommend the bathroom as an excellent place to try. Any spilled water that gets wiped up simply cleans the floor, too. I also often put a towel underneath to soak up any spills, as my kids aren’t known for their ability to realize when the pool might flood when filling it up.

Playmobil City Life Pool with Terrace and seal family set swimming and sitting on lounge chair

Like all Playmobil toys, this one is compatible with other sets, including the seal family seen here.

You know I still adore the Playmobil 1.2.3. Take Along Zoo we got years ago when our kids were wee ones. Once your kids get bigger, they can upgrade to this swimming pool set, which has all the fun of summer with zero risk of sunburn.

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