Yard Freebies

Give a Little, Get Some SpaceYard sale for free sidewalk stuffed animals clothes and more set out for the taking

  • What: Yard Sale for Free
  • When: Your house overflows with stuff
  • Why: Get rid of clutter
  • Where: At home

Do you have stuff piling up at home that you can’t get to a donation center? Have your kids exhausted any of their toys and books? Since novelty goes a long way, your old stuff could be a godsend for another kid.

Stuff set out for donation pick up on sidewalk including pet carrier stuffed animals tricycle games costumes

We parted with all sorts of goodies, from outgrown chicken costumes to tricycles and more.

If you want to clear the clutter you’ve discovered during these long days at home, consider putting your stuff out on the sidewalk or driveway and sending out a message to your neighbors. We’ve scored some great stuff this way, including books like Diary of a Wimpy Kid and several new outdoor items like soccer goals and scooters. Now it’s time to return the favor, and hopefully ease the burden of staying at home on our fellow parents.

We always have a box of donations going, and since they live in the garage, they’ve been quarantined for anywhere from days to months there. You can set the box out and let people go through it at their own comfort level, or set things out so people can see without the need to pick up and touch every item. Notes about each item’s working (or not) condition can help a lot of people assess the value without the need to inspect it physically.

Toddler beginner adjustable roller skates from Fisher Price blue and green

We unearthed these roller adjustable beginner roller skates and passed them along to another family.

If your kid has outgrown their wheels, another kid can make great use of them. If you want to go one step further, set out a donation bin for the charity of your choice, from healthcare workers to environmental organizations. If your stuff doesn’t all magically disappear, you still have it collected for easy donation later.

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