Dragonbreath Books

Dragonbreath books by Ursula Vernon When Fairies Go Bad and The Frozen Menace

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Light a Fire for Reading

Dragonbreath books by Ursula Vernon When Fairies Go Bad and The Frozen Menace
  • What: Dragonbreath Books
  • When: 7 to 12 years
  • Why: Large text, entertaining
  • Where: Amazon

If you love the wildy funny and non-stereotypical Hamster Princess books, be sure to check out Ursula Vernon’s other popular series, Dragonbreath

Dragonbreath book on Amazon

These hybrid graphic novels feature Danny Dragonbreath. A dragon who can’t breathe fire, Danny doesn’t let that trait stop him from getting what he wants. Most of the main characters come in some type of reptilian form, including iguanas and sea serpents, each with their own personalities. The easy to read and understand words don’t hinder the silly story development. And the cartoon illustrations with text only add to the fun and appeal for kids, with enough snarky comments to keep adults laughing along with them.

Page spread from Dragonbreath When Fairies Go Bad hybrid graphic novel for kids by Ursual Vernon
Frequent illustrations and large type make these books easy to read.

This series has eleven books so far. Kids can enjoy them in any order, though they make more sense if you start with the first book. You can buy these books individually to test them out on your young reader, or buy a set of the first eight books.

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