Best of May 2020

Run Yourself Ragged game in box, Clue Junior game in box, football peg game, and Driven tiny trucks in stack

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Games, Games, and More Tiny TrucksRun Yourself Ragged game in box, Clue Junior game in box, football peg game, and Driven tiny trucks in stack

  • What: Most popular posts
  • When: May 2020
  • Why: See what others read
  • Where: At home

For the month of May, readers loved games. Three of the top four posts this month featured different games, from classic board games to tiny travel versions of sports games, to a marble maze that challenges all ages. And of course, no monthly roundup would be complete without some tiny trucks.

Clue Junior game for kids in box

Clue Junior: This classic whodunnit topped the list of most popular posts this month. Kids try to discover who ate the cake, with what drink, at what time. Roll the dice to move any one of the brightly colored figures around the board, peeking under furniture and below characters to piece the puzzle together. Be the first to eliminate the possibilities and reach the right answer to win the game.

Football peg game board with blue red and green pegs and dice roll rules written on bottom

Football Peg Game: If you miss real life sports action, this game can bring some of the fun to your living room without the need for an entire team. Take turns rolling the dice. Each possible roll corresponds to a football action, from gaining a first down to fumbling. The tiny size makes it great for traveling and means it takes up minimal room when not in use.

Driven Pocket series tiny trucks red pickup and orange garbage truck with small garage doors on connecting gray road pieces

Driven Pocket Series: This series of blind boxes filled with tiny vehicles and miniature road pieces has made the month’s best list every month, and for good reason. Each box comes with a random vehicle, from steamrollers to fire engines to garbage trucks. The small box doubles as a parking garage for the vehicle, and can be attached to the three road pieces included. You also get a tiny road sign. The more you collect, the bigger roads and scenes you can build.

Run Yourself Ragged obstacle course game in box

Run Yourself Ragged: Kids love this game of skill. Send the marble along the path while navigating different obstacles along the way. Each obstacle in this three dimensional puzzle game requires a different lever or button, numbered along the bottom. Almost any age can play, from kids who can’t read yet to adults, as they attempt to pass the tricky traps.

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