Playmobil Horse Grooming Station

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Take Care of Your Horse Collection

Playmobil Horse Grooming Station shower toy

  • What: Playmobil Horse Grooming Station
  • When: 4 to 12 years 
  • Why: Fun water play, works well with other sets
  • Where: Amazon

My daughter loves horses. So for her recent birthday, her brother chose the Playmobil Horse Grooming Station to give her.

Playmobil Horse Grooming Station on Amazon

This set, one of the more affordable options from Playmobil, comes with one figure, one horse, one saddle, a bridle, one blanket, one towel for drying off, lots of grooming accessories, and the washing station. The hose and pump use real water to clean horses and anything else your child chooses to clean. A nearby fence makes the perfect place to hang the blanket when the horse isn’t wearing it, and several hooks under the shelter hold various grooming tools. A blue bin can hold even more.

Water coming out of shower nozzle on Playmobil horse grooming station toy
Push the pump to send water through the hose and out the shower nozzle, which moves.

The water in the shower goes into floor slats and back to the pump to use again. A few simple pushes prime the pump to send more water through the hose, which swivels and moves to get all the dirt off. Like most of our water toys, we generally put a washcloth under the set in case of spills or vigorous spraying. The set works really well with the Horse Carry Case and My Secret Horse Stable Play Box, though my kids have cleaned their pandas, koalas, and a variety of farm creatures, too.

Playmobil horse grooming station toy set up on washcloth
This set works well with other Playmobil toys.

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