Father’s Day Sock Animal

Monkeying Around for DadsFinnoola Peach Sock monkey animal craft project finished sitting on shelf

  • What: Father’s Day Sock Animal 
  • When: Five years and up
  • Why: Craftable, affordable, creative
  • Where: At home

Looking for a fun spin on the traditional Father’s Day socks? Have some single unmatched socks lurking around? Turn them into creatures with this easy Sock Animal Craft Project.

If you don’t want to wait for the book, you can make your own creature. Fold any sock so the heel ends up on the bottom, scrunched up instead of laying flat. Then cut straight up the middle of the open ended ankle portion until you reach the heel turn. This cut material will create two leg, with no need to make more than one cut. Stuff the upper portion of your animal with cotton balls (or even other abandoned socks) until you reach the heel. 

Sock animal craft projects easy homemade stuffed animals

Depending on the length of the sock and how far you cut, you can make long legs or shorter stubby ones.

Then sew two seams, one along each inside where you cut the line, starting from the outside and turning up towards the body. You can also do it with one seam, moving from the shorter end of one leg, up the long side, down the long side of the opposite leg, and across the short end, though I find it better to end up between the legs where knots are less obvious/noticeable. Sew on two buttons for eyes, and use thread to make a mouth and nose and you’re all set. If you want to get fancy, you can cut the legs shorter, and use the excess material cut off to make a set of arms as well. You will have to attach the arms to the body (unlike the legs).

Sock monkey button eyes homemade stuffed animal

Buttons make wonderful eyes.

You can sew a thread around the neck area and cinch it tight if you want more definition between the torso and head, but that ranks as an advanced skill in my opinion. Extra bits of material make great ears. Want some more specific sock animal ideas? The book comes complete with a set of socks for material. 

Sock Monkey and Friends Finnoola Peach instructions book

The book gives step-by-step instructions for nine different sock animals.

Adult socks make bigger animals and easier crafting for little hands, but kid socks will work, too. Have multiple children? Have each of them make a critter out of one of their own socks for a set he’ll never forget.

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