Mini Marble Mayhem

Mini Marble Mayhem box by Imagination Generation

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Don’t Lose Your Marbles

Mini Marble Mayhem box by Imagination Generation
  • What: Mini Marble Mayhem
  • When: 3 years and up
  • Why: Easy to build, fun to play
  • Where: Amazon

Want a solid wooden marble run? If you want to avoid plastic toys, or just like the fun of building your own marble run out of easy to stack wooden pieces, check out the Mini Marble Mayhem Set on Amazon by Imagination Generation.

Mini Marble Mayhem Set on Amazon

This set includes lots of basic blocks roughly the size of ice cubes that can be used as stand alone toys, in addition to supports for the marble run pieces. The 32 pieces all fit back into the box to store easily on a shelf or in a bin. And while it offers plenty of building practice, it doesn’t require much space for set up, sending marbles rolling, or storing.

Mini marble mayhem blocks ramps marbles stored inside box by Imagination Generation
All the pieces fit back into the box, with room leftover for extra marbles.

It comes with three standard sized marbles, so you can easily add more without ordering any special parts. The all natural wood and child safe paint make it an excellent choice for ease of mind, even if you catch your toddler or younger siblings chewing on the blocks. My five year old still loves this set, even though the large blocks and simple ramps seem ideally designed for smaller hands. 

Mini marble mayhem wooden marble run blocks set up
You can build a wide variety of marble runs with these pieces.

These blocks work well with the Uncle Goose letter block sets and the HABA animal blocks for even more building fun.

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