Super Water Sabers

Super water saber gun blaster tube yellow with green handle on brick patio background

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Superior Soaking Speed

Super water saber gun blaster tube yellow with green handle on brick patio background
  • What: Super Water Sabers
  • When: 2 years and up
  • Why: Long range, easy to use, affordable
  • Where: Amazon

Summer is officially here, and what better way to celebrate than getting wet? Keep the summer fun going without all the extra plastic and complicated refills, grab a pack of these Super Water Sabers.

Super Water Blaster Soaker Guns 16 Pack on Amazon

These easy to use water blasters can shoot well over 25 feet with the slide of a handle. The tube works like a syringe to fire water. Dip the pointed end into a bucket or other container of water, and pull back on the handle to fill in seconds. Suction forces the water into the tube. The faster you push the handle back in, the further the water sprays out. 

Saber Pump Blaster water gun close up of label on tube
These water sabers works well for any age.

I like these water sabers because they equalize the playing field for kids of different ages. Kids as young as two can use these as easily as older kids, with a similar range. They don’t require any complex compartments to fill with water and attach to the gun, and no pieces come off for filling or shooting. 

Saber blaster water gun shooter tube floating in inflatable wading pool
Kids can refill their sabers from any container of water, from buckets to wading pools.

The plastic tubes can shatter if your child falls onto them (or swings them into a tree or otherwise busts them), but with a low price point and high volume, they cost little to replace. You can also repair minor damage in the tube with tape, as long as you can completely seal the tube to keep the suction working. In the off season, they work great for kids to help water plants and gardens.

Grab a pack for your family next time you want to cool off without leaving your yard.

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