Playmobil Dog Park

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Romp in the Park with FidoPlaymobil Dog Park Super Set with child holding blue ball for black dog figure

  • What: Playmobil Dog Park
  • When: 3 to 10 years
  • Why: Durable, lots of flexible pieces
  • Where: Amazon, Playmobil

My son got this Playmobil Dog Park Set as a gift for the holidays. It was his first big Playmobil set, and all three of my kids still enjoy it more than five years later.

Playmobil City Life Dog Park Super Set box with dog agility ramp seesaw gate and more
All the pieces fit inside the box.

The Playmobil Dog Park set comes in a box and, like many Playmobil sets, requires some assembly. This set can be taken apart and put back into the box fairly easily, which is how we’ve stored it all these years. The pieces all look brand new, and we still have the majority of them (though many are scattered with our other Playmobil sets). 

Playmobil Dog Park Super Set dog trainer with Dalmatian on leash going up agility training seesaw
This set includes lots of accessories, like leashes that can be removed.

The set includes three people, two adults and one child, five dogs (four adults and one puppy), three birds, a tree, and a grass field with a gate and some bushes around the edges. It also includes some agility dog accessories, like a seesaw and ramp, as well as five slalom posts. You’ll find two dog collars attached to leashes that can be removed, as well as frisbee and a ball for chasing. There’s even a bench for taking a break, a cat, a whistle, and a bone to reward dogs who perform their tricks.

Playmobil Dog Park Super Set used as soccer field with goals and ball
The flat grassy area works great with other sets, too.

I love this set because it offers so many possibilities, not just for little dog lovers. Kids can use the pets and people in any play set, or as stand alone characters. The grass field makes a great soccer field, or park, as well as a dog run area. And the birds, trees, and plants, as well as the bench work just as well with the swimming pool and horse washing station as they do with any other Playmobil sets.

Playmobil Tiny Paws Pet Hotel Set on Amazon

If you can’t find the Dog Park Super Set anywhere in your area, you can also try the newer Tiny Paws Pet Hotel, which includes many of the same elements, or the smaller Dog Trainer. No matter what set you choose, the pieces will provide hours of play for many years to come.

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