Kumon Workbooks for Bigger Kids

Kumon Reading Workbook Grade level 3 kids learning skills practice

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Keep Learning Fun

Kumon Reading Workbook Grade level 3 kids learning skills practice

  • What: Kumon Workbooks
  • When: 4 to 12 years
  • Why: Educational, affordable, appealing format
  • Where: Amazon or Kumon

I adore the Kumon workbooks for preschoolers. From folding to practice coloring, you can’t go wrong no matter which one you choose. So when school closed unexpectedly, I ordered a stack of Kumon workbooks for my kids, who have grown beyond the preschool skills. I’m glad I did.

Kumon Grade 4 Decimals and Fractions Workbook on Amazon

Though my kids still prefer their Explode the Code workbooks, I like these, too. You can get a wide variety of subject matter from preschool to eighth grade. Each workbook comes in standard sizes (unlike the smaller Kumon preschool options) and can help kids perfect skills. From reading and math to rhyming words and pre-algebra, your kids can get practice with what they need most.

Kumon Reading workbook grade level one sample pages
A sample of pages from the Kumon Reading workbook for grade level 1.

Whether you want to keep skill sharp during school breaks or supplement learning, the simple format uses the popular Kumon Method developed in Japan. No matter which book you choose, these supplemental materials can help your child.

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