Water Toys Round Up

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Splashing Good FunHomemade sponge bomb water balloon alternatives in inflatable pool with super saber soaker water gun in grass in the background

  • What: Water Toys Round Up
  • When: Summertime
  • Why: Keep cool and have fun
  • Where: At home

If you can’t get to the pool or beach this summer, but still want lots of water fun for your kids, check out these water toys. Each one can last more than one season, but still brings tons of joy to kids (and adults who don’t mind getting wet).

American Plastic Toys Sand and Water Play Set with four boats, wave maker, crane, and truck in box

Water Table: If you want a compact water play table, this set fits the bill. The outside channel includes a paddle to move the water and anything floating on it. Another compartment inside can be used for sand, dirt, or even more water. Though this toy recommends preschool age, my son got it as a gift at age five, and all three of my kids still enjoy playing with it regularly.

Sponge bomb made with rubber bands as alternative to water balloons

Sponge Bombs: If you want an alternative to water balloons, grab a pack of sponges and some rubber bands to make these sopping wet balls. Toss them at anyone or anything without worrying about injury or damage, then dunk them and reuse time and time again. Best of all, they don’t leave any tiny pieces to clean up afterwards.

Super water saber next to container of water

Super Water Sabers: If you need water guns that can go the distance, look no further than these super soaker water tubes. These shooters make it easy for all ages to fill, aim, and squirt, and they can be used over and over again.

Child pouring water into Boon bath pipes toy suction cup on window

Boon Bath Pipes: This set of water pipes come with suction cups to attach to windows, tile, and more. Stick them on and simply add water to set the wheel spinning, and channel water from pipe to pipe. Best of all, when summer ends, you can take these pipes back into the bathtub and use them year round.

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