More Single Player Kid Games 

Solo Entertainment for All AgesSolo single player games for kids scramble squares, Roller Coaster Challenge, Logic Land Enchanted Castle, Amaze, Three Little Piggies, and Rush Hour Junior

  • What: More Single Player Kid Games
  • When: 3 years and up
  • Why: Challenging, entertaining, only one player required
  • Where: Amazon

If your child hasn’t had school in months, and you want to keep them entertained on their own, a single player game may be the answer. This round includes a few extra options to help make the long summer days go by faster for everyone.

Scramble Squares puzzle for all ages cows version

Scramble Squares: These simple nine piece puzzles may sound easy, but can challenge even adults. They come in a wide range of themes and can be played alone or cooperatively. Kids have to line up the photos split along the edges to form a bigger three by three square. And due to the challenging nature, there may be more than one solution, so kids can come back to the same puzzle over and over again.

Rush Hour Jr traffic jam game challenge for kids

Rush Hour Junior: Get the ice cream truck free of the traffic jam by sliding the plastic vehicles around. Cards provide the set up and answers ranging in difficulty from easy to extremely hard, so kids can choose the right level and continue to challenge themselves.

Logic Land Enchanted Castle deduction puzzles in tin

Logic Land Puzzles: Move these magnetic pieces around using the pictorial clues to solve the riddles. Find out where the princess hides or who is in a certain room. With forty puzzles to play, this set can keep kids busy for quite some time. Best of all, it fits into a compact tin for easy storage and transport.

Three Little Piggies logic puzzle game for kids

Three Little PIggies: Use the three plastic house pieces to keep the pig figures safe from the wolf. The book gives the pig placement, and players get them into (or out of) their houses, depending on which version they choose. Either way, kids and adults alike can enjoy the challenge of arranging the sturdy pieces to fit on the uniquely shaped board.

Roller Coaster Challenge logic puzzle game for kids

Roller Coaster Challenge: This game offers a deck of 40 cards to challenge players of any level. Using the info printed on the front of the card, set up the supports and track pieces. Then try and connect the track from start to finish and let the roller coaster begin. Check your solution on the back of the card to see if you got it right. Or just have fun assembling pieces or creating challenges for other players to solve.

Amaze maze puzzle game

Amaze: This simple maze game includes a twist. Players can slide push bars with the included stylus to change the maze. Each setup increases in difficulty. You can only reach the finish line by moving the sliding pieces in the correct order. Best of all, the instructions come printed on the back, along with all 16 starting positions. Have fun navigating the twists and turns of this multifaceted puzzle.


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