Amaze Puzzle

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Moving ObstaclesAmaze sliding puzzle game logic challenge for kids

  • What: Amaze Puzzle
  • When: 6 years and up
  • Why: Entertaining, compact, fun
  • Where: Amazon

Want a maze your child can play again and again? Get your hands on this Amaze Puzzle.

Thinkfun Amaze Puzzle on Amazon

This movable maze makes it easy for kids to manipulate. With four sliding bars built into the puzzle, this maze offers 16 different challenges depending on how you set it up. The instructions for the different challenges come printed on the back, meaning you don’t need to keep up with any separate sheets of paper or packaging to play. Go from start to finish without lifting the stylus from the surface of the maze (much like a pen). Each sliding bar can present a new path, or an obstacle, so players have to consider the direction of their approach. 

Back of Amaze puzzle from Thinkfun with challenge setups
The back side of the maze comes printed with the different starting combinations for 16 challenges.

It works great for travel, since the stylus comes attached and there are no loose pieces to lose. The compact size means it can fit in most bags, from diaper bags to kids’ backpacks, and it adds minimal weight as well. You don’t need to erase or do anything else to play over and over again, and it works great for practicing pencil grips, letter formations, and small motor movements. It makes minimal noise, so it makes a great game for both cars and planes without disturbing fellow passengers. 

No matter where you choose to play, this maze can keep both kids and adults entertained.

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