Hatching Egg Toys

Hatch'ems from GeoCentral turtle peeking out from half shell

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Emerging Fun

Hatch'ems from GeoCentral turtle peeking out from half shell

  • What: Hatch’ems Egg Toys
  • When: 3 years and up
  • Why: Fun, affordable, reusable
  • Where: Amazon

Looking to give your child the experience of hatching an egg without all the hassle? Check out these Hatch’ems toys from GeoCentral.

Hatch’ems Chicken Egg on Amazon

Each egg expands when submerged in water. Over the course of a day, the animal pokes its head out of the head and begins to emerge. Keep the critter under the water and watch it grow, splitting the egg as it hatches. It takes about 24 hours to fully hatch and emerge from the egg.

GeoCentral Hatch'ems back of box instructions for turtle type
Each animal takes about a day to hatch and comes in several varieties.

Let the animal dry and it shrinks. Add water, and it will grow, meaning your child can change the size over and over again (though the egg only breaks once, the animal inside can be played with repeatedly). All you need for this magic is a container of water big enough to cover the egg. Place the egg inside, add water, and watch it come to life. Within the hour, you can see the egg crack and get a peek at the animal inside. Clear containers work best for viewing, but any cup or bowl will do. These toys don’t leave a bunch of tiny egg bits, unlike some other egg hatching toys I won’t name.

Turtle Hatch'ems from GeoCentral
You can see the turtle starting to peek out of the egg.

You can get these water toys in a variety of creatures that hatch from eggs in real life, like turtles, alligators, chickens, snakes, penguins, and even dinosaurs. They make great favors for a themed party, or small gifts for a child. Each type of animal includes several different options, so if you have a child who loves snakes, they can hatch multiple varieties.

Turtle emerging from egg in blue cup of water
More of the animal emerges after sitting in the water longer.

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