Bug Vacuum

Toysmith Bug vacuum gun held by five year old with bug inside

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Suck Up the Fun

Toysmith Bug vacuum gun held by five year old with bug inside
  • What: Bug Vacuum Toy
  • When: 4 years and up
  • Why: Capture bugs
  • Where: Amazon

If your child loves digging in the dirt and discovering the creatures who live there, consider getting them a Bug Vacuum.

Toysmith Bug Vacuum on Amazon

Unlike the bug vacuum my mom had growing up, which sucked up bugs and spiders to kill them, this vacuum only captures them. My son got it as a souvenir on a trip, and I was shocked to discover it actually works. The gun-shaped vacuum has a trigger to activate the suction. The vacuum pulls the bug in, where it can drop into a clear container. Rotate the lever on the side to close the lid on the container and voila! You’ve got yourself a bug. Or a spider, or bee, or whatever else your kids can catch. 

Toysmith Outdoor Discovery Bug Vacuum packaging contents
Kids can attach different nozzles for capturing bugs then transfer them to a viewing container.

It comes with several different nozzles and a tube for sucking up different kinds of bugs. It also includes a second container for inspecting bugs. Remove the closed container from the vacuum gun, put it on top of the second container, and open the lid. Then flip the entire thing over to move the bug from one cylinder to the other. The second container features a lid with a magnifying glass built in, so kids can get up close and personal with all their catches.

Bee captured inside clear container of bug vacuum toy for kids
My kids love catching bugs with these clear containers.

The vacuum works on four AA batteries, which do not come included. Additional bug containers of any type may be helpful, too, if your child wants to keep more than one creature at a time. I especially like that my kids don’t have to touch the bugs (and neither do I) to get a good look at them. That lowers their risk of getting bitten and it keeps their hands (somewhat) cleaner to boot. As an added bonus, this gun provides a great way to capture bugs and spiders indoors and release them outside without harm.

If you want to encourage your kids to explore, look no further than the suction power of this toy.

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