Yogurt Cup Overload

Empty Tillamook yogurt cups stacked in three columns

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Recycled Fun

Empty Tillamook yogurt cups stacked in three columns

  • What: Yogurt cup overload
  • When: 12 months and up
  • Why: Reuse yogurt containers
  • Where: At home

If your kids end up stuck at home with no school and no lessons for months on end, beware. You, too, could end up with hundreds of yogurt cups. Leave it to my kids to put them to good use.

Shovel, tennis ball, and yogurt cup stacks stored underneath Bugaboo Frog stroller
I always had a few yogurt cups on hand underneath our stroller.

We’ve always used yogurt cups as recyclable toys. I liked to keep several underneath our beloved Bugaboo stroller in case we ended up at the sandbox or beach. They make great kid-sized containers for sand, water, collecting rocks, and a host of other things. They also work perfectly for planting seeds with your kids. I prefer the kind of cup that stack neatly inside each other, as it makes it simpler to keep them and take them with you. 

Kids using empty yogurt cups as building blocks toys
My kids now build with all the empty yogurt containers we have.

Now that my kids have gotten older and have more time on their hands, they’ve discovered other uses for our towering stacks of cups. They built this huge structure out of the many empty cups. They’ve been consuming yogurt every day, and with three kids, the cups can really add up.

No matter how your kids use these plastic containers, you can get some extra mileage and fun out of the remains.

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