Hug and Hide Owl Toy

Three Hoots for BabiesHug and Hide Owl toy by Skip Hop with smiling baby in Fisher Price Woodland Friends bouncy seat

  • What: Hug and Hide Owl Baby Toy
  • When: 0-18 months
  • Why: Cuddly, cute, affordable
  • Where: Skip Hop

If you want a durable baby toy that is almost as cute as your newest addition, look no further than Skip Hop’s Hug and Hide Owl. 

This soft stuffed toy hides a myriad of surprises. Not only does the toy crinkle and rattle when touched, but it also contains a hidden squeaker to capture baby’s attention. Each foot has a different chew toy, one smooth and wooden and the other a textured plastic. Both are completely safe for little mouths. Open the wings to find a smaller owl hidden inside the pouch of the bigger owl. The inside of one wing features a small mirror as well.

Infant playing with Skip Hop Hug and Hide Owl Toy stuffed animal

All three of my kids found something to love in this adorable stuffed toy.

This gender neutral toy, with its super soft fur and bright patterns, will last through infancy. Ours held up amazingly well to all three kids, and I loved having it nearby because it offered such a variety of sounds and textures for interaction. My kids liked to drag it around by the smaller owl, yet the string connecting the two owls never broke. Whether your child loves it constantly, or it sits on a shelf looking irresistibly cute, you’ll enjoy having this stuffed toy nearby for the infant months and beyond.

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