Bags and Hooks

Sealing clear plastic food storage bags and Command 3 lbs pound hook pack

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Make Moving Easier

Sealing clear plastic food storage bags and Command 3 lbs pound hook pack

  • What: Bags and Hooks
  • When: Moving
  • Why: Stay organized, simply life
  • Where: At your new home

Whether you can finally move to your dream destination or you want to be closer to friends and relatives in these challenging times, moving means one thing: lots of extra work. If you have a move, big or small, on the horizon, don’t consider getting packed without these two supplies.

And I don’t mean boxes and packing tape, though you will likely use plenty of that, too. Whether you’re heading for college, abroad, or just down the street, grab a stash of sealing clear plastic bags and some removable Command Hooks from Amazon

Ziploc Storage Bags on Amazon

I like to have both gallon and quart sized plastic bags on hand. The zipper closure is a must. Best of all, you can see the contents of the bag without opening it (and having everything spill out). I used one of these bags per room for hardware on things like curtain rods, safety straps for dressers, cords, and much more.

Ziploc clear gallon size clear storage bag with command hooks inside
I packed a clear bag for each room of the house, including the reusable Command hooks.

I labeled each one with the name of the room, and tossed them all into a bag or box. Then when we arrived, I distributed the bags to each room. As I got around to hanging curtains and plugging in clocks and white noise machines, I had no trouble finding everything I needed. 

Command Hooks 20 Pack on Amazon

I also swear by Command hooks. The beauty of these beasts of burden, besides the fact that you can get them to hold anywhere from one to five pounds, is that you can change your mind. Pulling the strips when you move couldn’t be easier, and leaves no mark or even sticky residue on most surfaces. I had no trouble yanking them off wallpaper or our 100+ year old lathe and plaster walls when we abandoned ship. But they stick just as well to our orange peel textured walls at the new house.

Belts hanging on command hooks inside closet door
I use Command hooks to organize my closet and make efficient use of space all over the house.

You can hang them on the back of the door for storing things in easy reach, or inside closets to organize belts and other supplies. I like to add them to the outside of doors for hanging wreaths, or having jackets handy. I bought a jumbo pack and some extra strips of the special double sided tape to mount them and went to town once we moved.

If you want to simplify your first move or your fiftieth, make sure to stock on both these items before the big day.

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