Lego Friends Play Cube

Lego Friends Andrea Jungle Play Cube set up with sloth pet

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Building Fun Squared

Lego Friends Andrea Jungle Play Cube set up with sloth pet

  • What: Lego Friends Play Cube
  • When: 4 years and up
  • Why: Portable, stackable, affordable
  • Where: Amazon

Lego Friends has a new collection of tiny cube play sets on the market, and boy, do my kids adore them. Each LEGO Friends Play Cube  comes loaded with fun in a tiny package.

Lego Friends Mia’s Shopping Play Cube on Amazon

The cube opens on a vertical hinge to become a background for playing. A shiny bag contains your mystery pet, while another plastic bag holds all the Lego pieces. Inside, you’ll find a few quickly assembled scenes to construct. Add stickers to bring the theme to life and decorate your cube to make it unique. Attach the assembled pieces to the bottom of the cube and start playing. 

Lego Friends Play Cubes vet, music recording studio, and photography studio
These cubes (from the first series) can stack as well as connect side by side.

Whether your young child wants something of their own, or you have younger siblings for whom the pieces pose choking hazards, these cubes work great to keep Legos safe from siblings. Cubes can be connected to form multiple layers of playing as your collection increases. Kids can split the cube into two halves to make even more arrangements.

Lego Friends Mia vet play cube one side
Mia’s vet office play cube from the first series boasts a variety of tools to take care of animals.

Both my five and eight year old can’t get enough of these connecting cubes. Each one includes one of the main Lego Friends characters (Mia, Emma, Andrea, Sophia, Olivia, and Stephanie) along with a surprise pet. The first round included pets like hamsters, birds, cats, and dogs in a variety of colors. You could choose sets focusing on music, baking, science, photography and more. The latest collection includes a jungle themed set with more exotic pets, like pandas and sloths.

Lego Friends Play Cubes stacked three in a column closed
The cubes can stack open or closed.

The low price point means kids can afford to buy their own sets. You won’t get many basic building blocks in these sets, but you do get to make cool things like ovens complete with cake, a music recording studio, or a science laboratory. Once play finishes, close the cube, which not only keeps any loose pieces contained, but also protects the finished creations. The small cube also works great for traveling, playing with friends, or taking along in a backpack. No matter where you play, your kids will love the details and options in these tiny toys.

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