Color Changing Hot Wheels

Hot Wheels Color Shifters color changing cars toys

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Drive Thru Colors

Hot Wheels Color Shifters color changing cars toys

  • What: Hot Wheels Color Shifters
  • When: 3 years and up
  • Why: Fun, affordable, durable
  • Where: Amazon or in stores

Have a child obsessed with vehicles? Need a simple yet delightful gift for your young child? Look no further than Hot Wheels Color Shifters .

Hot Wheels Color Shifters 5 Car Pack on Amazon

These classic Hot Wheels cars bring a new element of fun to the metal vehicles. Put these cars in ice cold water and watch the color change. Dunk them in warm water or even hold them in your hand to restore the original color.

Hot Wheels Color Shifters car half blue and half purple after dunking in cold water
Cold or warm water makes the color on these vehicles change.

Kids can have fun changing part of the color back by touching it with a finger tip, or painting the car with warm or cold water to make colorful designs. Whether you pick the hot or cold color, the hue stays the same until you dunk it again.

Hot Wheels Color Shifters green and yellow Beach Patrol car toy
Kids can change all or part of the colors of the car.

No matter how they choose to use it, kids love to change the colors. My vehicle obsessed five year old can’t get enough of these cars. Even my other two kids love making the colors change. They work great in the bath or outdoors as well. And thanks to their compact size, like all Hot Wheels, they travel easily inside bags or backpacks for extra entertainment on the go. Best of all, they have a low price point in stores, so kids can afford to buy their own. They also make great treats for potty rewards, completing workbooks, or other times you need small prizes.

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