Universal Standard

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It’s About Time

Universal Standard label inside merlot Tee Rex shirt in size 2XS

  • What: Universal Standard Clothing Company
  • When: Before birth until college and beyond
  • Why: Diversity, quality, flexibility
  • Where: Universal Standard

Tired of seeing clothing models who all look the same? Have you ever wanted to show your child that a wide variety of body shapes, ages, and skin colors deserve to be advertised?

What about shopping for clothes when you end up between sizes? If you have kids, and your size becomes larger than corporate clothing retailers’ idea of acceptable, you can’t even shop at the same stores. Many clothing retailers wouldn’t dream of house so-called “plus sizes” in the same storefront as their “regular” sizes. Until now.

Universal Standard Athleisure photos
Universal Standard uses a variety of body shapes and skin types in their advertising and clothing designs. Photo credits: Universal Standard

Enter Universal Standard. This online clothing company aims to change the fashion industry in more ways than one. Not only do they carry a complete range of sizes, from extra petite 00 to 40, they’ve also redefined the arbitrary numbers clothing companies use to indicate sizes. Their size range reflects actual sizes of women (not girls), with a size 18 considered a medium. 

Not only can you find a sizing system that doesn’t make you feel guilty for not wearing single digits, but they employ a wide range of models to showcase all their clothes. Each garment comes designed with everyone in mind, to fit and flatter a wide range of sizes and body shapes. On their website, you’ll not only see a variety of body types and shapes, but also a wide range of model ages and skin types. I couldn’t be happier to see this diversity in the fashion industry.

Clothing from Universal Standard company laid on out chaise lounger
Here’s a small sample of my clothing from Universal Standard, including a Rally tank, lounge pants, another tank, a Tee Rex t-shirt, and a denim skirt hiding underneath it all.

Not enough to convince you? Listen to this. Their Fit Liberty clothing exchange program means you don’t ever have to wear clothes that don’t fit properly again. If your size changes, you can exchange your garment for one in your new size within twelve months. The Fit Liberty collection includes 44 tops, bottoms, dresses, denim, and more, all which can be freely exchanged for different sizes. That’s earth shattering news for anyone who’s ever had a baby and struggled to figure out their size, much less get back to their pre-baby body. Now you don’t have to worry about losing or gaining weight. Oh and did I mention they have a maternity line meant to last beyond delivery? (Which sadly seems to be discontinued now.)

I first discovered this company back in early 2020, when they held their annual Mystery Box sale. I can’t resist a blind bag, but quality clothes with a mission I support made the decision easy. I got four items (my box included a bonus item) for under $100 by filling out a quick questionnaire and letting Universal Standard choose things for me.

Rally tank plus lounge pants from Universal Standard
My Rally Tank with built in bra and wide adjustable straps and Mola lounge pants complete with two pockets big enough to hold phones and more.

Since then, I’ve scored several more of their Tee Rex and Vee Rex shirts after I got one in my mystery box as a bonus item. I’ve also purchased another pair of joggers (noticing a trend? I have bought another one of three of the four pieces I got in my original mystery box so far), a denim skirt, a tank top, and a pair of lounge pants. Each item has been totally comfy, flattering, and made from quality materials. Most importantly, their customer service has been flawless, answering any concerns quickly and fixing issues with zero hassle. 

If you haven’t taken a look at this clothing company, you are doing yourself a disservice. No matter what size you wear, or what kind of clothing you like, you can’t go wrong with their refreshing approach to women’s wear.

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